If you are a student of history, you will agree this is one of the most interesting subjects at school. It takes you back centuries while also schooling you on the state of the world. While learning history in class is an engrossing affair, things change when it comes to essay writing. Your professor expects the best essays from you and it is not easy to meet these standards. In history papers, you have to base your arguments on facts which call for extensive research.

Using Professional Essay Help
Now, as a college student, you need time to yourself after class and the last thing in your mind is research and essay writing. In the end, you might end up submitting your paper late or delivering a poor quality essay. In both cases, your grade will take a hit but luckily, this is a situation you can avoid by looking for professional writing essay help. There are reliable essay helpers available online and they offer tailored essay solutions to suit clients’ needs.

Picking a History Essay Topic
Before you even seek help, it is important to narrow down on your research topic. The topic you choose determines how easy the writing experience will turn out. It is advisable to pick an area that interests you because you will find it easy to do research and write your paper. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but instead, try to analyze situations through a bold and fresh perspective.

If you have a history essay to write, below are some topic ideas generated by highly experienced essay writers to start you off:

  1. Explain the genesis of the Opium Wars in China and how Britain contributed to the conflict
  2. What is the origin of the Palestine and Israel conflict and is there a solution to it?
  3. The U.S Civil War changed the history of the new country. Discuss the causes of the war, the outcomes and how they impacted the new nation.
  4. Using examples, explain the recent isolationist approach taken by the U.S in global relations and contrast it to previous roles of the country in global affairs
  5. Discuss the influence of the Catholic Church in governance across Europe during the Middle Ages
  6. The first economic downturn of the United States was the Panic of 1819. Explain the causes and similarities to other financial crises in the country. (You can ask for sample papers on the same from established writing services)
  7. Slavery and slave rebellions had a huge impact on the development of Caribbean nations. Using Jamaica as a case study, discuss this statement.
  8. Discuss the causes of the Spanish-American War and its role in the United States’ rise as a colonial power
  9. Using concrete examples, discuss whether the space race has benefitted the human race
  10. The Cuban missile crisis remains one of the most significant events of the Cold War. How did it affect the world?
  11. The recent rise in nationalism in western countries has similarities to the situation leading to the Second World War. Is this true?

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