Essay writing can be quite a stressful moment. This is because you have to put in a lot of effort in studying for the paper and writing it as well. It is because of this reason that most students prefer to hire custom writing service. I am not saying that to hire an essay typer is bad but during exams you will not have the chance to buy a paper. Doing the assignment by yourself will help you memorize some of tips about essay writing. You can then apply those tips in your main exams. Below is a guide on how to write an essay without much stress.

Read the question
The mistake that most students make is actually just picking the paper, scanning through the question without paying attention to the details. It is good to ensure that you read the question for the first time and see what is required of you. Go through it the second time and notice the key words and finally, reread it for the third time to confirm if you may have left anything behind. It is after this that you can precede to answering the question. The key words that are commonly missed out are; comparing, contrast, describe, discuss and explain.

As much as you may have attended all the classes that knowledge is never enough since the teacher only gives you twenty five percent. The remaining seventy five percent you got to look for it by yourself. There is no other place that you can find it rather than the library. After you have read through the question and have understood what is required of you, carry your pen and paper with you and proceed to the library. You can also use essay writing services for your research.

Pick a topic
The topic is a very vital part of your essay. You have to be careful when choosing it. A poor topic means poor work. Choosing a topic can be quite stressful. You should however follow this criterion when picking one and all will be well. It should be researchable, interesting to write on and doable. Once you have found your topic using this criteria start writing on it. Google topics for assignment help if you do not have any topics in mind.

Create an outline
An outline is an important tool of academic writing since it helps you arrange your points in order. The only task remaining would be to transfer those points to paper. An outline actually saves you time. If you have no idea on how to write an outline you can consult with your teacher or even Google and you will be given various samples.

Once you are done writing that should not be the end. Reread your work and see if there are any mistakes that you may have left behind. You can also give your friend or colleague to go through it and correct the mistakes that you may have overseen. If you have cash, you can always hire an essay editor.