Essay Writing and Editing: A Manual for Newbies

Essay writing is an essential part of the academic process and you cannot avoid it. Whatever subjects you pick in high school, you will still have to write a paper to prove your analytical skills. In college, essays are part of life and you will find it tough without the necessary research and writing skills. If you have always struggled with your writing projects, there’s good news for you. Even the best writers confess they had a tough time starting out but by actively learning the ropes, they excelled. This article highlights some crucial tips to help you become a better essay writer. Keep reading.

Writing Tips

Start by Choosing the Best Topic/Thesis
To excel in essay writing and editing, you have to start by writing about interesting topics. This not only helps the reader but also motivates you to go to greater lengths to find interesting ideas for your paper. If you have leeway in topic selection, go ahead and choose something that interests you and in this way you will not struggle midway through the project.

Identify Materials Required and Do Your Research
Most students don’t want to break a sweat in research yet this prepares them for research work in their careers. Before you go online and type “seeking someone to write my paper”, take time to do some reading around the topic you have chosen. This will help you later in case your professor requests you to present your paper to the class. Identify all materials required for your paper and carry out thorough research in various places. Go to the school library, use the internet and talk to family and friends to get more ideas on the topic.

Create an Outline For Your Paper
One of the most important tips things you need to do before writing your essay is crafting an outline. This is the roadmap that will guide you. When researching the topic, write down some notes and indicate where you want them to go in your essay. In your outline, you need an introduction which includes a thesis, the body paragraphs each with a new idea and a conclusion. If you are stuck with your paper, ask for a sample outline from the best essay writing services.

Develop New Ideas in Each Paragraph
For your paper to flow logically, write a powerful topic sentence for each paragraph which must contain a new idea. Develop this idea throughout the rest of the paragraph before moving on to the next idea in a new paragraph.

Editing Tips

After writing your first draft, go into editing mode to eliminate grammar and structural problems in your paper. Consider the following:

  • Confirm the essay requirements Prune long sentences and paragraphs
  • Remove repletion of words, ideas and phrases and tautologies
  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Do away fluff
  • Check grammar rules, punctuation, etc.
  • Attribute quotations
  • Check through the paper for consistent formatting

If you are still stuck with your paper, ask for help from a reliable custom writing service.